My Works

When I think of the journey of man, the earth embracing the earth appears before me. Actually, I feel it in my bones every moment, not in front of me. As a result of this feeling, I met ceramics. This acquaintance dating back to my childhood has reached a completely different dimension as a result of the trainings I have received and continues to change. I cared about putting the most effort into this journey. I tried to learn to the smallest detail by examining all stages of my ceramics such as design, shaping, glazing and firing. I did not want to lose the colors of the earth. The simpler it is, the more my work tells me. At first, I wanted to add a lot of meaning. The meaning I attributed to it turned towards the only one as time progressed. I want to get covered in a lot of mud during my journey …

My heart is earthy,
My hands are clayey.